My Red Light Therapy Obsession…
Red Light Therapy changed my life. Seriously saved my skin, helping with my wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks & scarring. Now I cant stop raving about
Red Light Therapy Results - that helped fix my fine lines, stretch marks, scarring, acne and cellulite.

Red Light Therapy helped my skin 

Red Light Therapy has helped me alleviate my stretch marks, scarring, cellulite and fine lines.

Ok… can we just take a minute here and talk about one of my favorite things… GOOD SKIN.

You know that feeling that when your skin just looks and feels good. I swear, as I get older its harder to have good skin days. When I was in my twenties, no problems or few and far between, but in my thirties … I dreaded putting on make up because I knew mid way thru my day, it would not look right.

My early thirties I lived in denial that I wasn’t in my twenties anymore. I still could have a night out with my girlfriends, eating salty DELICIOUS food, sipping on delicious cocktails, laughing with my friends… then bounce back the next day like a champ, just like in my twenties.

Back then, it took 2 ibuprofen, a Gatorade, and a Bloody Mary, “make it a double and make it spicy bartender please”, nowadays it takes a bit more for me to recover.

And that’s where I feel where my skin is at… it takes a little bit more to recover. I can’t go to bed and not wash off my make up anymore. If the wind changes direction… POOF… my skins pissed. Ohhh, that new expensive cream I got … my skin laughed at it. And don’t get me started on the amount of units I need for botox. It started with 25 units… and slowly started creeping up with each visit I made.

FULL HONESTY MOMENT….. I have spent way too much money on Botox, creams, potions, back alley elixirs, the latest face loofa machine, and oh..that electric lighted mask I bought from HSN… I think I still have it somewhere tucked down deep in my closet. And I will not even bring up the instagram and Facebook purchases I have made either… I would just look dumb at this point.

So, when we introduced the Red-Light Therapy bed at my work, I thought why not, let me try it. It felt a little gimmicky, but let’s be real I have tried way more far-fetched products in the hopes of the skin I got with very little effort in my 20’s.

My skin was not at its best, and I was getting more and more self conscious about it. I remember trying on a bathing suit for a pool party and hating how my cellulite and stretch makes looked in it. I was already dreading the upcoming party for my husbands work, there was no way I was going to put on a dress with my self confidence so low because of the way my skin looked, which was almost as bad as how I felt about it.

My first time going into the bed, I fell asleep for 15 minutes out of the 20 minutes, so at the least I thought I got a good nap out of it. I mean, I cant fall asleep that quick in bed at night… ok ok I’ll save that for another post, another day. All in all I didn’t really see much the first time but decided I would give it 5 times to see a difference before I put it in the same boat as the Electric Lighted Mask from HSN.

By my third visit, and third 15-minute catnap, I started to notice the psoriasis on my arm wasn’t as bad, and the stretch marks on my stomach had faded a tad. I still didn’t believe it. There was NO WAY this bed could do that.

By visit 5 there was no doubt this bed was changing my life, the scar on my leg was almost completely gone, my face looked rested, it looked like I had just taken a vacation, the stretch marks on my stomach were faint lines, and the little blob of cellulite I had on my booty was gone. YES FOLKS GONE.

By visit 7, the patch of Psoriasis on my arm was gone too, I had 4 people give me compliments and asked what I was using on my face. My pink cheeks were less cherry colored and I didn’t have my constant “embarrassed blushing cheeks” look I had had for years. I could feel my skin start to feel and look like it did in my twenties.  I was officially obsessed.

So, friends, while I don’t want to stop by this week to use the Red-Light Bed and find one of you in it… if you haven’t tried it, do yourself a favor and run… not walk, over to Australian Tan to try this bad boy out. I promise you won’t regret it.  I could go on and on about how many people I have told and all the amazing stories they have told me about their successes of using the Red-Light Bed, like literally I could go on and on …. and on.

But the easiest thing I can do, is tell you go try 5 sessions out for yourself, and if you don’t love it… well …. You must have amazing genetics and need to be studied.

So cheers to amazing good skin. I hope you all find it and have the amazing results so many of us have seen. And I hope you feel extra fabulous once you start seeing results, because the only thing better than good skin, is self confidence from feeling good about yourself.

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PS- check back later for more success stories… I’ll be sharing all the ones I have received so far shortly.

** Please remember I am not a Dr, or licensed professional, just a late 30's girl learning how to have better skin. If you need any help or advice, check with your dr or someone else with a medical background **

This post is for anyone who is looking to read on my experience with Red light therapy after Suffering from find lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, scarring, acne or cellulite