UV Tanning Options at Australian Tan

UV Tanning

Build your tan, choose your plan, enjoy the bronze

Feel Great year-round with a tanning bed that suits your needs. Whether you need a quick, natural-looking tan for a special event or plan on maintaining a year-round-gorgeous tan, you’re in the right place. Moderate UV exposure provides amazing benefits, our staff our well trained in all of the tanning beds and products and can provide a customized plan just for your tanning needs. Tanning is great way to feel good about yourself, wether wearing leggings, a bathing suit or something a little less, we offer an An all-in-one destination for all things tanning, Australian Tan offers membership and packages with customizable options to help you plan ahead and save money on indoor tanning. Tanning offers a quick pick me up at anytime during the week. Come on in and see for yourself. Your tan, your plan, your bronze. 

How To Prepare For Your Visit

Avoid applying store brand lotions directly before you visit the salon. Lotions that are not created for your skin can contain mineral oils and other ingredients that can clog your pores or act as an SPF on your skin.

If you are able, shower before your tanning session for best results. Clean skin tans better. That way, if you choose to use a delayed bronzer, you will allow time for it to develop fully rather than showering it off directly after your session.

Be sure to exfoliate regularly to keep your skin refreshed and renewed. This will allow your tan to develop on the fresh, healthy skin that is underneath.

Lastly, make sure you have the proper tanning lotion picked out for your skin type or tanning goals, and always use proper eye protection. Don’t worry, if you aren’t sure what tanning lotion to use, our highly trained staff will help you find just the right product for you!

UV Tanning Options at Australian Tan - How To Prepare For Your Visit