The Perfect Summer Glow

This is the question that everyone is always asking. How do you get that perfect summer glow? Well we have a few tips and tricks to share with you.
You will thank us later, trust me.
Always and when we say always we truly mean ALWAYS use a lotion if you are going tanning in either a tanning bed or simply enjoying the day outside by going to the beach or taking a walk. If you don’t then you aren’t going to be getting that summer glow you are longing for and it takes at least 6 minutes (without a lotion) for your skin to even start absorbing the light coming off the tanning bed…those are 6 precious minutes of tan time you could be getting.

Second never not use a lotion to moisturize. When we say moisturize we are talking about the lotions you use when you get out of the shower, wake up in the morning and before bed. You want to make sure the lotion you are using does NOT have minerals in it. The minerals that come in those lotions are truly just stripping away that perfect tan you have been working so hard for and you’ll be starting over or you wont be seeing any further progress with your tan.  **Don’t worry we have the right ones waiting to be purchased at our salons**

Lastly make sure you are exfoliating. If you don’t exfoliate before you tan then you are almost always just tanning over the dead skin cells, and to answer any questions or misconceptions, yes everyone has these and it’s natural. This means that instead of progressing your tan and getting that summer glow like you just came back from vacation (and if you did we are super jealous) you are just letting the tan go.

These are just a few of our favorite tips and tricks but we’ll make sure to keep you updated with new ones along the way.

Happy tanning!


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