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Bronze Girl here – Today I’m here to talk to you about spray tanning in our Versa Spas, since we want all our Australian Tan family to have GORGEOUS tans for the holidays! You always hear those horror stories about how after you spray tan it look splotchy, you’re completely orange and it just looks absolutely horrible! You know what I am talking about, the people who are a streaky, splotchy hot mess that you would see in a movie – it has simply given spray tans a bad rep! To be honest with you it’s nothing like that. I know your first spray tan can sometimes be intimidating and you can be a little nervous because you’re scared you might mess up. But I’m here to tell you… There is no reason to be afraid of spray tans! No need to worry!! I’m here to give you some helpful spray tanning tips…you have now entered your spray tanning survival guide class!!! Now take a seat and even take some notes as well, I’m going to provide you with some proven tips to help you walk out of your sunless tanning session looking flawless!

 My Personal Spray Survival Guide –

 Preparation is the key to it all!! When you take the time to prepare properly, your tan will thank you with gorgeous glowing color that can last nearly twice as long.
 Step One: Exfoliation-
Your body is constantly shedding skin cells to keep your skin healthy and B-E-A-UTIFUL, but unfortunately it can lead to an un-even and streaky tan. So what you need to do in preparation for your spray is to buff off dead and unwanted skin cells! Adding exfoliation to your pre-tanning ritual will help to ensure a much more even and longer lasting spray tan. You’ll skin will be much softer! An effective method of exfoliation would be using a beaded scrub or even just a loofa!
Step Two: Be Sure to Shave –
Unless you want to look like a hairy mammoth, you’ll want to shave before you spray. Not only is it a great way to help exfoliate, but shaving after your spray session can leave bumps and destroy the tan you’re working towards!
Step Three: Take It All Off –
All of us want to look and smell good, so we need products to do just that! However, certain daily beauty products such as body oil, lotion, deodorant and perfume can be your enemy instead of your friend when preparing to spray. So instead, take a quick shower before coming in to the salon to double-check that it’s all off!
Step Four (Optional): Double Dip –
Get your skin ready to soak up the solution! Commonly known as double dipping, the use of a UV bed prior to your spray tan can help open your pores, allowing the sunless solution to absorb deeper into your skin. Usually when bed tanning, you would use a tanning lotion to give you that ultimate tan your looking for, but some ingredients in regular tanning lotions can block the absorption of bronzer in the spray booth. So today, we’re not going to use one of our regular tanning lotions, but instead we’re going to use our sunless lotion called CT Cocktail! This lotion is specifically made to prep your skin for both UV and UV free tanning (aka the spray!). Before you hop in your favorite tanning bed, use our cocktail lotion with added bronzers – woo! – and your skin will already be prepped for the spray right after! This way your skin absorbs more sunless solution for darker results, you will reduce streaking and accelerate the time it takes to develop your tan.
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Step Five: Barrier Cream –  
In the room, barrier cream is provided and can help prevent the solution from ending up in unwanted areas such as the bottoms of your feet, palms of your hands and fingernails. Be sure not to skip the barrier cream, this will make a huge difference with your results. After all, no one wants discolored hands or feet!
Step Six: Positions –
While you’re in the booth, I have a few positions that can help you get that perfect and even golden glow that you want!
*Tiger Claws – Sounds funny, but curl your fingers, and spread your fingers apart to prevent funny white lines between them and in the creases of your knuckles.
*Pop that thang – To avoid those unwanted tan lines (or what we call smile lines) under your booty, “pop that thang”, and you’ll be golden… Everywhere! But be sure to straighten yourself out again to get full coverage on your back as well.
*Running Man – While doing your running man position (facing left and right), make sure that your legs are completely spread apart and you’re standing up straight – because if your legs are bent you might miss the area behind your knee!
 Step Eight: Now we wait –
After you’re done spray tanning, you need to wait about 6-8 hours before washing it off. If you shower before the minimum developing time, you’ll be washing off the majority of your bronzer. You have two options… One, you can spray during the day and watch your color develop over the 6-8 hours, or two, you can spray at night and sleep on your spray tan and shower in the morning. Don’t worry, after the full 8 hours you may look a little darker than expected; but once you shower, the excess bronzer washes off and underneath that is your golden glow you’ve been waiting for! If you choose to let your color develop during the day, make sure to avoid any physical activity that could mess up your delicate spray session. Go home, kick up your feet (maybe even with a glass of wine) and let your bronzer do it’s thang! 😉

 Some Questions You Might Have…

 Q1: How long is this process going to take?
A1: Although there are many steps to this tanning process, once you come into the salon, it should only take about 10 minutes to complete your spray session. If you are new to this process, give yourself and extra couple minutes to make sure your bronzer has dried before getting dressed again.
Q2: How long will my tan last?
A2: Usually your spray will last anywhere from 5-7 days but if you decide to use a tan extender which is a lotion that you apply twice daily, it will last anywhere from 7-10 days! Check out our CT Tan Extender to replace your daily lotion – this one is my favorite 🙂
 Q3: Will the solution make me look orange?
A3: Every spray solution differs, so Australian Tan uses only the finest solution in their booths to ensure that every spray looks even and natural. Spray solution consists of DHA and Cosmetic bronzers, both of which will give you instant color. BUT our solution is also sugar and aloe based which will enhance your natural color.
 Q4: Is spray tanning safe to do?
A4: DHA bronzers and Cosmetic bronzers are both FDA approved and the sugar and aloe based solution has less chemicals and is more natural than most other solutions.
I hope this was a helpful survival lesson for all of you! Now get in there and get your spray on!!


Bronze Girl

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