Simply Fascinating!

Bronzed Girl here… and man, do I have something fascinating to share with you! I sat pool side yesterday in my new fashionable swim suit, you know, the ones with all the adjustable straps and blinged out gems? 2018 has me on a whole new level of swimsuit trends. Sadly, with that being said, I woke up today with MAJOR tan lines… up, down, left and right – great. Anywho! Moral of the story is I have a wedding to attend tomorrow, and my oh so perfectly imperfect tan lines are well… frowned upon. I thought I was totally out of luck until I came across this magical silicone blend of fascination. Designer Skin’s new Fascinate tanning skincare product is an absolute GAME CHANGER, let me tell you. I applied Fascinate’s exotic pineapple coconut enriched developing bronzer from head to toe and walked out feeling like a dime, plus ninety-nine!

Not only did my horrific tan lines diminish, but my skin felt entirely rejuvenated. The most fascinating part about all of this is that this lotion continues working and developing for up 8 hours after exposure! How amazing is that? Do you know what heaven feels like? Smells like? Because I sure do!

Just apply the lotion and the delicious fragrance alone will take you there, and your tan will speak for itself! Prepare for your socks to be knocked off, and flip flops to be poppin’. That’s right, your flip flop tan line is also so last season. So, are you ready to be fascinated with Designer Skin’s new radiant skin care product? Get your very own bottle of Fascinate in all Australian Tan Salons today!

XOXO, Bronze Girl

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