No Apologies… EVER!

Bronzed Girl here… I know I have been M.I.A. for a while, but Australian Tan just got ALL NEW products from multiple amazing brands and I just have to tell you about one.

For all those women out there who wake up every day with soft luminous feeling legs, I envy you. I constantly see women strutting down the street with soft glowing legs almost as if they walked straight off a Venus commercial – ugh. I woke up this morning, late might I add, and started to get dressed for my big meeting today when I realized my legs looked like walking forests. How could I have forgotten!? This meant pants it is and I will put back the skirt I had picked out because I have no time to fix this horrendous issue.

I live a very busy life with barely any “me time”, as much of this world does, but shaving my legs had really been moved to the bottom of the list… Until I was introduced to Designer Skin’s “No Apologies” tan extending shave cream! Okay real talk, this Juice Evolution Technology has completely simplified my womanly needs. Have you ever hear of one product that extends the life of your tan, slows your hair growth AND is packed with SUPER FRUITS! Seriously what’s better than a super fruit? Nothing.

Thanks to this new miracle product, my legs feel like a touch of heaven. This shave cream & minimizer is designed for wet or dry skin, meaning you could even shave on the go! Got a hot date after work? Shave on your lunch break! Shhh, don’t worry. We won’t tell anyone. No more “Oops, don’t touch my gorilla legs” and no more stabbing my coworkers with my prickly arms and legs. It’s time for NO MORE APOLOGIES! Believe me when I say you must try this product! I promise you won’t be let down. Life’s too short – make sure those legs are smooth, sexy and silky with Designer Skin’s No Apologies!

XOXO, Bronzed Girl

Pump and Go – No Apologies, your secret is safe with us.

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