New Spa Services!

As a growing company we have expanded from not only tanning but to spa services as well to fit a wider range of clients needs. We have recently introduced 4 new spa services to 3 of our current locations…If you are near our Morgan Hill, Blossom Hill or Livermore location stop in and check out some of these new services…
Infra Red: It is like stepping into a dry sauna but it helps circulation which will help you tan faster, it can help with joint and muscle relief and on top of it all has this amazing Himalayan Sea Salt that cleanses while also killing bacteria.
Red Light Therapy: It is an amazing benefit to not only are you rebuilding your collagen but you are reducing the sign of wrinkles, smoothing out your skin tone to get a healthy glow and moisturizing your face in the process. It’s like an extreme facial for your entire body.
Teeth Whitening: These have a stronger amount of the whitening ingredient then over the counter whitening products, like crest white strips. Crest white strips closest product, is $65 and takes 14 applications.  Our treatment is significantly stronger than that is completed in 3 sessions and results show up faster with our specialized light.
Automated Massage: This will make you feel like you are going to a masseuse without having to actually go! It can help with joint and muscle relief, Jianliao and Naoyu points to allow full back stretch, helps keep balance by relieving pressure from certain point and gives you a hand and foot massage on top of it all.
With new services like these plus still having all of your tanning needs at one location, you wont need to go anywhere else!
We look forward to seeing you!

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