Indoor Vs. Outdoor Tanning

Hey tanning beauties! I have been hearing this question come up more and more… Why is indoor tanning vs outdoor tanning a better option? Well, tanning indoors is a perfect way to expose your skin to a controlled source of UV light, making it much safer than laying out in the sun. People tan for all different reasons whether it be to build a base before vacation, to get an extra dose of Vitamin D, to improve a skin condition (such as acne or psoriasis), or just to get some beautiful bronzed skin (like me *wink*)! The important part of all those tanning objectives is to do it SAFELY.

Most people wonder if tanning is safe. Well, what some people may not know is that indoor and outdoor tanning both share the same benefits and risks, but UV exposure in moderation is the key – and indoor tanning is the perfect way to control that. You never EVER want to let yourself burn, and indoor tanning can help prevent that by following a recommended tan time, such as what Australian Tan provides when you first go in!

It’s easy to say, “At least this will turn into a nice tan!”, after getting burnt, but getting a sunburn just damages your skin short AND long term. The key to getting that “nice tan” is gradually building up a base tan so that you allow your skin to generate melanin, safely. Gradually building up a base tan protects your skin from burning and decreases your risk to UV exposure. Therefore, in most cases, people who are about to go on a vacation where they know they will spend a lot of time in the sun, they will visit a tanning salon to build up a base tan before they leave! If you didn’t already know, the trained Certified Tanning Professionals at ATC are great about helping you build up your base tan the right way for YOUR skin.

To give you a quick explanation about UV rays… UVB rays are considered the “burning rays” and UVA rays are more of the “bronzing” rays. You may be wondering why anyone would want to go into a more predominantly UVB tanning bed, but we all actually need some UVB in order to build up a base tan!

Since UVB is a necessary source for building a base, they typically recommend starting off in the level 3 bed so you are getting mostly UVA rays, but a perfect amount of UVB to help your skin produce melanin = build darker pigment in your skin. Then, after a couple sessions hop into the level 5 beds (my favorite) which are the high-pressure bronzing/instant beds which contain less than 1% UVB. Keep in mind though, rotating between beds is key because it will help to both produce melanin, and then turn that melanin into a gorgeous brown color.

This is why I love my Passport Plus membership because I get access into all level UV beds, spray booth AND spa services (perfect to use when you’re giving your skin a break from UV rays). Consistency is the key to building a base tan – if you wait too long between sessions, your tan will fade and you will lose what you have already worked hard for. Unlimited tanning memberships are definitely the way to go since you will want to visit Australian Tan multiple times throughout the week to maintain your color like I do!

Be sure to also use a lotion, but not just any lotion, a specific indoor tanning lotion designed for tanner’s skin! Tanning lotions are not just a way for tanning salon to make more money, THEY REALLY WORK! Indoor tanning lotions stimulate the melanin production in your skin faster than any other product due to their high-end ingredients. They also provide much needed moisture (dry skin deflects rays) to make your tan last longer, and put back nutrients into your skin to prevent drying and wrinkling. If you haven’t already, you should try one of Australian Tan’s private line of lotions; Flirt, Tease and Affair! They all help me achieve the color I want when I want it.

I hope I was able to provide a little more insight on the indoor vs outdoor tanning questions you may have had. Be sure and check back for more on my next blog post!


Bronzed Girl

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