Premium – Level 3 Tanning Bed

nice tanning bed

Our level 3 tanning beds have a higher intensity than the Basic or Select beds; in fact, they are three to five times stronger than a level 1 bed. At 12 minutes each, sessions in the level 3 bed are much shorter but deliver results three to five times sooner. Tanners who use our level 3 beds can achieve a solid base tan in as few as four sessions and they can maintain their tans with only one or two sessions a week!

In addition to extremely fast results, the main factor that sets the level 3 bed apart from the other equipment at Australian Tan is the unique blend of light waves that this bed emits.

Additionally, all of our level 3 beds are equipped with several upscale features: a high pressure facial tanner, shoulder tanners, full-body 160-watt reflector lamps — all of which work together to provide the most even tan possible. The level 3 beds also are equipped with self-contained air conditioning to keep you cool as you tan. As a bonus, this level also comes in a stand-up version to help tan those stubborn pressure points you get when laying in the beds.

Overall, the level 3 beds are among the most popular units across all of Australian Tan’s salons for the unique set of features and characteristics that they offer. Many of our clients have called the level 3 bed “the best of both worlds”, and we know that you will be satisfied too.