Cocoon Wellness Pod


Our Cocoon Wellness Pro has a range of amazing benefits for your body inside and out. Benefits include weight loss, increased metabolism, removal of toxins, joint and muscle pain relief, stress and stiffness relief, reduction of water and bloat retention and minimization of fatigue and tiredness! Whether you have just made the commitment to improve your health and the way you look and feel, or you are seeking to achieve the next level in your quest for peek performance, the Cocoon Wellness Pro offers a myriad of physical and psychological benefits!

Thermal Dynamic Energy

By heating the stones that are lined on the inside walls of the Cocoon, negative ions are emitted when heat is emitted that help facilitate the flow of the body’s natural energy. The thermal energy ranges in intensity from a low ambient setting to a maximum of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. 20 minutes of high heat can burn up to 200 calories and 2lbs of water weight.

Hyperthermic Conditioning

By heating the body, sweat glands create a profound sweating response which encourages the natural removal of impurities and a healthy cardiovascular response. Additionally, heating the body promotes physical fitness by assisting with weight loss goals and maintaining a healthy weight – you can burn up to 300-600 calories per session! Continued use will assist in speeding up a slowed metabolism.


The Cocoon Wellness Pro has a vibrating base to help relieve stress and tension. Simultaneous heat and massage promotes flexibility and range of motion response, making movement easier as you age. The deeply soothing massage offers a calming environment to help improve your sleep, mental acuity, mindfulness and meditation.